The ever Lively Nigerian Entertainer Susan Oluwabimpe a.k.a Goldie Harvey is Dead

This is the most shocking news i’m hearing this night and i seriously want to believe it’s nothing but a mistake or a bad dream.

First i got this from Linda Ikeji’s blog

I’m in shock. Just got a call from her best friend and my close friend, Denrele Edun. He told me Goldie died a few minutes ago in his arms at Reddington Hospital in Victoria Island. Goldie just came back from the US today he said, and was so full of life, then something went tragically wrong. Will get all the details from him in a bit, he was crying so much and had to switch off his phone. I’m shaking so bad. She and I had a conversation a few days ago while she was in the US. Oh dear Lord. Is this how people die? May her soul rest in peace..Amen.

Update: Goldie’s management have released a short statement via her Facebook page.

This is so disheartening. Why Goldie, Why!!!!!!!!! She was the only reason i watched Big Brother Africa Star Game. This tears cannot just stop rushing down my eyes. RIP Jawo Jawo. O ma se o